Sunday, January 27, 2008

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

This photo of the moon halo is not very good as it was hand held with the shutter open. It is too bad I didn't have my camera earlier because it was much brighter and distinct earlier. It waned rapidly as the ice vapor above me thinned out.

Today's Snowstorm in Spokane

Nearly a record snowfall for this area and the deepest that I can remember since 1992! It snowed for 30 hours straight and was about 16-17 inches total of wet, heavy stuff. I had to call for reinforcements to shovel it all. We have a total of 24 inches on the ground with 9-16 inches more predicted over the next 6 days.

Ridonculousness Reigns in Spokane

Lake Roosevelt Shore - September 21,2007

This was along the shore of Lake Roosevelt which was formed by Grand Coulee Dam. The area I was exploring is just south of the town of Kettle Falls, Washington home of 2,367 ( ?) people and 1 Grouch! Unfortunately the falls no longer exists as it was submerged by the rising waters behind the dam.

Hike to Oyster Dome- October 20, 2007

I hiked up to Oyster Dome with my friend Rusty. This is near Bellingham Washington in the NW corner of Washington State. Very nice views of Puget Sound.

Hiawatha Trail, Idaho - September 1, 2007

The back road from Wallace, Idaho leads to the middle of the old abandoned rail line that is now an awesome bike trail with several tunnels (the longest is 1.5 miles long) and several trestles. This road also climbs from 2789 feet to 4921 feet at Moon Pass and then down and follows the North fork of the St. Joe river where you can see the remnants of the 1910 fire. Amazing old snags along the river. The one single stump along the river was huge!

Summer Thunderstorm in My Garden

These pictures show fairly accurately the amazing late afternoon colors during a powerful yet brief storm!

Steamboat Rock- September 2007

I ventured to Steamboat Rock State Park on September 20-21, 2007 and camped out at the excellent campground there. Mule deer wandered around the site and where easy to locate. The trail to the top is not for the light hearted and requires some scrambling and hand holds at one particularly steep spot. Good sturdy hiking boots are a must due to the nature of the rock at the basaltic cliffs. This park is located near Grand Coulee Dam in the center of Washington State. Many photo opportunities abound with all the columnar basalt coulees all over the area. If you are interested in geology look up the Great Lake Missoula floods (during the end of the last ice age). The last photo is of an old abandoned asphalt road now only visited by waterfowl.

Dyno Kitty

Here is the cat that we rescued from up in a Douglas Fir at Indian Canyon a few days after Christmas. Very friendly with a rough tongue!