Sunday, July 8, 2012

Scotchman Peak - 7009'

This Sunday I hiked with six other gentleman up to Scotchman Peak near the Idaho-Montana border. We gained 3700' in 3.5 miles. It didn't seem as difficult a climb on the way up but our opinions changed on the way back down with the heat! My Quads and calves are still sore 72 hours later!
This is the gap where the ice dam repeatedly formed that created Glacial Lake Missoula. When it melted and broke we had the famous Ice Age Floods.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Hog Lake Speaks to Me

I hiked to Hog Lake and headed south to explore a more upland trail than where I had been before. I knew there was another trail from the maps I had seen. It was a sunny and a quickly warming day. I was there fairly early in the morning and the lake ice was really talking! It is very hard to describe the sounds it was making. The sun was beating down and warmed the surface; a deep 'spbbroing' which was at times quite and then louder but running up and down the lake from where I stood over-looking it. Then it would occasionally 'crack' and snap as well. Very entertaining. I followed the elusive trail after it crossed the access road at the south end of Hog Lake. I found a beautiful spot just off the trail overlooking the stream and pond between the two cliffs lining the canyon. Where I sat to have lunch was very scenic and right above a beaver dam which was surrounded by the only open water. Outstandingly gorgeous! My new favorite spot to contemplate life and nature! I will be back there many times over the years that are left to me...

Further Explorations at Folsom Farm near Fishtrap Lake Feb. 2012