Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Recent Adventures

These are photos of my friend Steve and I hiking and kayaking. We had a ton of fun and saw a wide variety of wildlife the two days we spent together.

One of the Coyote parents with all six of their pups which we had just seen playing in a big pile of puppy love. You can click on the image to see it closer up.

The Bear Shots -Thanks to Steve for sharing his animal shots!!!

Flooded Centenial Trail

Spokane River a little over flood stage

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Recent New Mexico Trip

Early morning shot behind the Sante Fe Trail Museum in Springer, NM

The Palisades in Cimarron Canyon

Wagon Mound, New Mexico (famous Sante Fe Trail landmark)

Jan, Anali and I on Annie's 24th Birthday at the historic St. James Hotel in Cimarron. The mural in the background is from the 1930's and was recently rediscovered under many layers of wallpaper. It is being painstakingly uncovered and restored.

The St. James where Jan's 90 year old Mother used to take dance lessons when she was a girl and where Anali's Great-Great Grandmother used to be a cook. This place is authentically old with the original bullet holes in the tin ceiling from the wild west days. Many famous gunmen frequented the place and Kit Carson's home is a few miles away as is the current location of the Philmont Boyscout Ranch (part of which used to be in Jan's family)