Sunday, January 2, 2011

January 2nd on the Columbia Plateau Trail

The Columbia Plateau Trail remains undeveloped south of Martin Road near Sprague, Washington. I have tried hiking and mountain biking on this section that is rough from the chunky basalt that makes up the bed. I decided to try again with this covering of snow that cushioned around the rocks and made walking easier. This section of the trail will someday be smoothed with gravel to make it usable. Then you will be able to bike all the way from Spokane to Tri-Cities perhaps with a couple of campgrounds. It remains abandoned for now. The hawks and owls had some company today, however.

January 1st Trolley Trail Snowshoe

New Year's Eve Snowshoe

New Year's Day

I went skiing on this frigid New Year's Day near my work out by the airport. The sun reflecting off the casino was amazing in the fog on New Year's Eve.

Merry Christmoose

As I was leaving the house Christmas morning I spotted our neighborhood young bull moose just off the road. I paused in the middle of the road and waited. He walked right in front of the car and I took a great video but apparently blogspot wont let you post videos. It was just like the opening for Northern Exposure.
I made good time to Mt. Spokane and tried out my new cross-country skis on good snow conditions for a change.