Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Cutthroat Pass/PCT Backpacking Trip August 7-8

Anali, Peter and I planned a quick backpacking trip over the weekend in the North Cascades area of Washington. We had two cars at our disposal so we decided on a through hike. The weather was very wet on the west side so we opted for a hike more to the east from Rainy Pass on the Pacific Crest Trail to Cutthroat Pass then down to Cutthroat Lake.

Anali and I realized that it was our first backpacking trip together since she was in middle school! The PCT was awesome and the ascent to the pass was fairly gradual and not too strenuous. The camping area was about a mile prior to the pass so we went up to explore and take photos. It was a good thing that we did that because it was more socked in with clouds the next morning when we climbed back up. The pass reminded us of scenes in Lord of the Rings! We got drizzled on that evening and most of the night but the campsite had a small, tight grouping of evergreens that sheltered us from the rain. That is where we cooked, played cards and swatted mosquitoes.

All in all it was a great hike and we finished it off with wine tasting at Lost River Winery and Mexican food in Winthrop! The first of many more such trips into the backcountry...

Steptoe Butte Climb- July 4th

My Favorite Nearby Stomping Ground: Fishtrap Lake (BLM)

Hiking around on July 3rd

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Viewpoint!

This is what it looked like about 100 yards from our house on June 4th. We call it the viewpoint. Spokane really doesn't look that close but it is only a quick 6 minute drive from our house to downtown.

Hiking Near Helena, Montana

On May 30th I went for a hike along Never Sweat Trail to the east of Helena, Montana. My brother-in-law David offered to let me ride the other ATV which I declined. I see way too many injuries from those things in the clinic and I feel that they are inherently unsafe. Besides, I like to experience nature up close and quietly. The hike was great and I climbed a small knob with a view back towards the lake and Helena. I am not sure how many years ago the burn occured in this area.