Saturday, July 17, 2010

North End of Hog Lake- Same Day

The same day (May 22nd, 2010) I explored the northern end of Hog Lake, an area that I have explored often. Surrounded by ranches and on BLM property (i.e. your property and my property) this deep scar-on-the-land lake is the result of the Great Missoula Floods that swept away all the topsoil of the area during the last ice age. A wonderful variety of plant life, ecosystems and animal life abound in this place. Few venture here; lucky me!

Hog Lake Explorations

At the south end of Hog Lake near Fishtrap Lake I came upon a trail heading off south following the stream from the dam. Poorly defined because of over-growth then non-existant causing me to bush-whack, the 'trail' south was fun. Every step I took was new territory for me which is always an adventure! I saw a couple solitary mule deer and a mated pair of Wood Ducks. These were the first wood ducks that I had seen in the wild besides the large number of them I saw in Lewiston that time I was nosing around. I did not get one tick on me despite going through some thick brush at times. The furthest point that I got was a promentory above the lake/pond/marsh where there was evidence of hunters last fall. I am thinking that only they and wildlife biologists are likely the only ones that know of this place. Lovely green hike that was cleansing to the mind.