Sunday, February 10, 2008

Moose Tracking Via Snowshoe

Yesterday and today I went shoeshoeing around home and came across some moose tracks that were 1-2 days old so I tracked its wanderings. It was eating some tips off of the Serviceberry bushes and despite the deep snow appeared to be moving well. With their very long legs it probably isn't so bad for them at 27 inches depth. The bottom picture is of Spokane from the 'viewpoint' near our house.


Anali & Peter Wills-Gresham said...

Hi Dad,
I was playing on the internet last night and I looked at these photos... Let's just say that everyone in the room got a kick from the moose poop photos! You're a goof, love you, talk to you soon, Annie

LIttleflame said...

Hahaha Grew up in New Mexico living in Watertown New York. Long for some Sunshine about now.