Tuesday, October 12, 2010

7011' Sherman Peak

This was a short early morning hike on the southern section of the Kettle Crest Trail then off trail to the top. There were many fallen snags to climb over or hike around on the hill side. The raspberries, elderberries and huckleberries were ripe and tasty.

This trip was an excellent example of the multi-uses of our forests; when I first arrived a hunter was just starting out and luckily he headed down a different trail. When I was coming down from the peak I met an older couple who were working on trail maintainence. Then I met a retired man who was day hiking. Back in the forest I came across 3 young men taking a break and eating energy bars. They had heavy backpacks and were headed out for a few nights. I next came across two men, about my age, with mountain bikes who live up in the Kettle Falls/Republic area. They are also backcountry skiers in the winter time. Lastly, I came upon two couples on horseback. One lady had her little dog on her hip protected by some sort of doggie sling. Everyone was friendly and made the day exceedingly worthwhile.

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